University Library

3D Printing

3D Printing Policy

Who can print?

The 3D printers are available for use by all current Xavier University students, faculty, and staff. Printing is done on a first-come first-served basis. Objects being printed for course work may take priority over other printing projects.

Terms of use and copyright

Those wishing to utilize the library's 3D printers must do so for lawful purposes. Users must respect the health and safety of the University community and abide by all applicable laws, University policies, Library and Information Technologies policies, and University weapons policies. Xavier University Library, makerspace, and Information Technologies staff reserves the right to deny any print request for any reason.

Xavier University abides by the copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). These laws govern photocopying or creating other reproductions of copyrighted materials. All users of the 3D printers must abide by copyright laws. For more information, please see the Library's copyright guide.


Users may see slight imperfections in their prints. Small bumps, holes, or rough edges on the object may occur with 3D printing. You can clean up some of the imperfections with fine sand paper or other tools. The printer is very accurate, but there may be some instances where objects with multiple pieces or moveable parts do not precisely fit together.

The printer builds objects from the ground up. There are instances where certain prints will require supports and/or rafts to ensure proper printing. Supports are often needed if the design has large overhangs or parts suspended in mid-air. Rafts are often used as support at the base of the model and enable smooth removal from the printer. These types of additions are easily removable by the user. Staff is not responsible for removing any supports and/or rafts for the user.


For questions, please contact Leslie Whitford, Digital Initiatives Librarian.