Policy Library

All officially approved University level policies will be displayed on this website. These policies are intended to support a safe, respectful, and ethical living, learning and work environment in compliance with the University's mission and values and applicable local, state, and federal law. All Xavier University faculty, staff and students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the University's policies.


admin.jpgPolicy on Policies

Individuals drafting official University Policies must follow this standardized process for drafting, approving, reviewing, amending, communicating, implementing, and withdrawing University Policies.

adminnew.jpgAdministration and Operational Policies

These policies assist in carrying out day-to-day administrative and operational duties.

admins.jpgAcademic Policies

Policies that assist the faculty and students in assisting Xavier University's academic mission and best governing the academic enterprise.

bell.jpgFinancial Policies

From accounting to budgeting and even more, these policies guide the University's financial planning.

hr.jpgHuman Resource Policies

Successful employees make the Xavier environment unique. These policies assist our employees in their efforts.

tech.jpgInformation Technology Policies

These are the policies that govern Xavier University's use of technology throughout our campus and online.

campus.jpgFacilities and Safety

These policies relate to Xavier's campus facilities and the environmental health and safety of our employees.


Student and faculty handbooks.