Pope Francis: The Jesuit and Franciscan Legacy

Elected to be the 266th Pope on March 13, 2013, Pope Francis has begun his ministry with transformative power. He has brought a renewed vision, commitment and energy to the Vatican and to the Catholic world. His ministry and leadership embodies the Jesuit and Franciscan traditions. But what about his work and writings are Ignatian and what are Franciscan? How does he bring these two traditions together in a new type of creative tension that will define his Papacy and the direction of the Catholic Church?

Join us for what will be a very interesting evening of conversation with two theologians from Xavier each of whom brings a unique perspective on these two traditions and on the Papacy.

Gillian Ahlgren, PhD, is Professor of Theology at Xavier, with a specialization in church history and mysticism. In addition to her classes at Xavier she teaches Franciscan spirituality in Assisi, Italy. She is author of Teresa of Avila and the Politics of Sanctity and Entering Teresa of Avila?s Interior Castle.

Chris Pramuk, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Theology at Xavier, teaching Ignatian spirituality. His work focuses upon issues of racial justice and solidarity in society and the church. His books include Sophia: The Hidden Christ of Thomas Merton and Hope Sings So Beautiful: Graced Encounters Across the Color Line

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