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The IT Project Management Office (PMO) supports the University's commitment to provide a structured technology planning and process/project management methodology. The PMO in collaboration with the Xavier Technology Committee (XTC) helps to prioritize and select projects which align to University mission and supports their successful implementation through a proven project management methodology.

Please contact the PMO when you need somebody to

  • Assist with vendor selection (requirements gathering, Requests for Information/Proposals, etc.)​
  • Manage software implementations​
  • Facilitate continuous business process improvement initiatives​
  • Help with a needs and business analysis​
  • Provide project consultation, mentoring, and coaching​

What is a project and where do I start?​

Projects are complex in nature, extensive in scope, relatively long in duration, and usually involve several functional areas. All projects start as project requests that must be evaluated by the PMO for proper resource allocation. Upon receipt of the project request, a PMO representative will meet with you to discuss your requirements and clarify any questions you may have about the process. The project request will undergo our office's monthly prioritization process overseen by members of the Xavier Technology Administrative Committee and Xavier University's Associate Provost and CIO. If you need the PMO's assistance with your project, please introduce a project request with our office.​

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss any idea you may have, please contact us at ​

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