Institutional Review Board

IRB Members

2020-2021 Members


  • Dr. Tammy Sonnentag is an Associate Professor in Xavier's School of Psychology. Her research interests include topics related to individuals’ social-emotional and moral development, with a focus on the factors that influence relatively young individuals’ willingness to stand up for their own beliefs and values despite social pressure not to do so. 
  • Dr. Morrie Mullins is a Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  His research interests lie in the areas of Personnel Selection, Training, and Assessment Practices.
  • Dr. Jennifer Bradley is an assistant professor of nursing in the College of Nursing.  Her major areas of interest include the critical role of the nurse manager in healthcare organizations and the impact of professional coaching on nurses in leadership positions.
  • Dr. Heidrun Schmitzer is a Professor in the Department of Physics.  Her research field is plasmonics and polarization optics. Some of her projects with students involve cavitation in fluid dynamics, saccadic motion of the eye and Haidinger’s brushes, an optical illusion created within the eye.
  • Dr. Butch Losey is an Assistant Professor for the graduate counseling programs.  His current research on violence prevention is based on personal interviews that he has conducted with numerous school shooters.
  • Dr. Kathleen Hart has been a member of the IRB since its inception. Dr. Hart is a Professor in Xavier's Psychology Department and specializes in Clinical Child Neuropsychology / Forensic Assessment; her research interests are child forensic issues and factors related to juvenile delinquency. Master's of Education in Agency and Community Counseling program.
  • Dr. Ray Sinclair has lived and worked in Cincinnati for many years. Ray worked for 39 years at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and received his research training from the University of Minnesota. Currently, he is a volunteer for Cincinnati’s annual book festival, Books by the Banks and for Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati.
  • Ms. Christine Shimrock is an adjunct professor at Xavier University in Criminal Justice and has worked as a chaplain at  Lebanon and Warren Correctional Institutions since 2003.  Christine holds an M.S. Criminal Justice and an M.A. in Theology from Xavier University and serves as the Prisoner Advocate on the Institutional Review Board.
  • Dr. Lisa S. Jutte is a Professor in the Department of Sport Studies and a certified athletic trainer.  Her research primarily focuses on the effects of therapeutic modalities, such as heat and cold, as well as topics related to athletic training education.

  • James Loveland is an Associate Professor in BAIS. He has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, and a PhD in Marketing from Arizona State University. His research interests include personality, career development, analysis of social media data, and consumer analytics.