Office of Institutional Research

Qualtrics Survey Support

Qualtrics, a leading online survey software, is available to all faculty, staff, and students by logging in using your Xavier username and password.

Access Qualtrics now and enter your Xavier username and password

To get started using Qualtrics, Institutional Research has created the following training videos to show you how to build and distribute a survey, and analyze survey results. Qualtrics also has support resources and additional training through

 Update on Qualtrics FROM Address (Effective Feb.1 2024)

Survey Design and Best Practices


Building a Survey: Part I (question types and basic survey building)


Building a Survey: Part II (display logic, skip logic, and survey flow)



Distributing a Survey



Analyzing Survey Results (exporting data into Excel and customizing Reports in Qualtrics)




Some additional tips to using Qualtrics are also available. Please contact Qualtrics Support or Institutional Research ( for additional support and training.