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Voluntary Benefits

Term Life and AD&D Insurance-New York Life (NYL)

What is the benefit?

You have an opportunity as a new hire or during Open Enrollment to purchase additional Life and AD&D coverage in addition to your employer-provided coverage. You may elect coverage for yourself, your spouse, or your dependent children. Voluntary Life and Voluntary AD&D are separate elections. Life must be purchased to purchase AD&D. AD&D amount will automatically match Life election. 


Cigna Voluntary Life and AD&D Benefit Summary

How to File a Claim

Tips for Filing a Life or AD&D Claim

Vol Life & AD&D Claim Form


Accident Insurance-CIGNA

Summary of Benefits 

Accident insurance adds comfort by helping survivors of severe accidents adjust to new living circumstances. An off-the-job covered accident is a sudden, unforeseeable, external event resulting directly and independently of all other causes. Coverage is available to Xavier employees as well as their spouse and children up to age 26.

How to Submit a Claim

Critical Illness-CIGNA

Summary of Benefits 

Critical Illness can help to offset expenses incurred if you or a covered family member are diagnosed with a covered illness such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc. 

Cigna Accidental Dismemberment Injury or Disability Claim Form

Cigna Claim Submission

Cigna Critical Illness Claim Form

Cigna Critical Illness Proof of Loss Extension or Waiver Form

Cigna How To File for Wellness Incentive

Cigna How to Submit a Claim