Office of Human Resources

Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange

Tuition Remission


Tuition remission is available for eligible faculty and staff. The tuition remission program for faculty and staff pays the instructional fee for eligible employees who take courses at Xavier University.

Eligible Employees

Amount of Remission

Full-time faculty & staff


Part-time faculty (adjuncts)

Prorated based on the number of credit hours teaching in the semester classes are taken

Part-time staff

Prorated based on the number of hours worked in a week




The tuition remission program for dependents (spouse and unmarried dependent children) pays 90% of the instructional fee (tuition) only for eligible dependents who take courses at Xavier University. General fees, books, room and board, late fees, application fees, confirmation fees, etc., are not covered by tuition remission.


  • Waiting period: After 1 year of employment for the eligible employee
  • Eligible Dependents (of an eligible employee):
    • Legal spouse
    • Unmarried child. For this purpose, child means (1) a biological child, (2) a stepchild, (3) an adopted child/or child legally placed for adoption, (4) or child for whom the employee has been appointed legal guardian by a court of competent jurisdiction.  
Verification documents may be required. Children must be a tax dependent in order to be eligible. 

Benefit Description

Courses may be taken toward a degree through undergraduate and graduate programs at Xavier University. Tuition remission may be taxable. Please refer to the tuition remission tax summary for additional information.

Submission Deadlines

Tuition Remission applications should be submitted to The Office of Human Resources prior to the start of each term.



All necessary forms


Tuition Exchange

Tuition exchange is available for eligible dependents. 

If you have a child in high school and hope to take advantage of FACHEX (exchange with other Jesuit colleges and universities), or Tuition Exchange (more than 600 schools participate in this program nationwide), please click here to learn more about the process and required paperwork. 

 Tuition Exchange Application: Renewal only

Tuition Exchange Website: New applicants