A student participating in an approved University activity that requires their absence from a class should consult with the instructor no later than the second week after the start of classes, or as soon as the information about the absence is known, to determine the class attendance policy related to absences for participation in official University events. The student should also provide the instructor with a written schedule of planned absences in order for the instructor to evaluate and advise the student on the possible impact of the planned absences. Students are responsible for providing accurate information regarding the dates of the planned absences.

If a class attendance policy is incompatible with the number of planned absences, students should seek the instructor's advice regarding whether the student should register for another section of the class, if possible, during a semester in which they will not be participating in Xavier activity (for example, during the off-season for a sports team or during the summer).

Any student who will be absent from class for participation in an official University event should request in advance any assignments that may be missed during the absence, so that they will not fall behind in the coursework.