Student Handbook - Reporting a Crime, Fire or Getting Emergency Assistance

Employees and students are advised that they are responsible for being aware of and complying with University policies/procedures, and applicable law. Employees and students are encouraged and obligated to accurately, voluntarily, and promptly report crimes, emergencies, potential threats, or risks to the appropriate University office(s). Crimes and other emergencies should be reported to the XUPD at 513-745-1000 for an emergency and 513-745-2000 for non-emergencies. Victims or witnesses of crimes on campus may report those crimes confidentially for inclusion in the annual crime disclosure by calling or texting 513-709-STOP (7867); further, they may also be reported confidentially through the Xavier University Hotline as further described at Criminal or suspicious acts, including fires and other emergencies, should be reported to the police immediately in person, by telephone, or by using one of the assistance phones strategically located around campus. Information is kept in the strictest confidence.