Student Handbook - Parking During Events on Campus

During events on campus (e.g., basketball games, concerts, etc.) students, faculty and staff may be directed to park in alternate on-campus parking lots. Vehicles parked in reserved or restricted lots during major events are subject to tow at the owner's expense. Students should also allow additional time to arrive at their classes. For example, when there are basketball games, students should avoid the C2 parking lot near the Cohen Center on these game nights. It is also strongly recommended that students who have classes on these evenings park in the C5/R3 reserved area in the Norwood Plaza lot or the lots south of Dana Avenue, off of Woodburn Avenue. Students may also park in the South lot on the West Side of campus or the I lot off of Herald Ave. Students should note that special events take place in the Cintas Center year round. Parking spaces, especially the upper "C" lots closer to the Schiff Family Conference Center, will be limited from time to time throughout a given day and sometimes on short notice as a result of special events. Students' cooperation and understanding during these times are appreciated.