Department of English

D’Artagnan Award Student Submission Form

To submit written, text-based work as a PDF or Word document, please fill out this form and attach your entry to it at the end. Please fill out a separate entry form for each submission. 


If you are submitting multimodal work, please fill out the form below and upload a Word document with the name of your multimodal project and a brief explanation of the project, including the medium (video, podcast, infographic, etc.) and any other information a reviewer would need to know about the project to assess it in its intended context. If you have a project that is housed online somewhere (such as a website or YouTube video), please copy/paste a link to your project in the Word document.  


For larger files (image, video, audio, etc.), after you fill out this form with the explanation of your project, go to the Canvas Assessment Site where you did the assessment quiz for your ENGL 101 or ENGL 115 course and upload your multimodal project there. You will find a tab under “Assignments” to upload your project, which will be matched with this form. If you have any issues or questions, please contact Dr. Renea Frey, the Writing Program Director, at