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We've all heard jokes about English majors working at a coffee shop. Coffee's great, but c'mon-why settle for a barista job when you can work virtually anywhere? According to a recent Report on English Majors’ Career Preparation and Outcomes, “despite myths to the contrary, English majors are employed, earn good salaries, and experience satisfaction with their career paths.”

In today's economic climate, an English major or minor makes sense. Why? Because XU English majors, minors, and Writing minors are:

Flexible: Unlike graduates with narrow, field-specific training, English majors and minors are prepared to work in any number of industries. They're also ready to switch careers as the economy changes.

Creative: English doesn't teach you what to think; it teaches you how to think. Our majors and minors learn to look beyond the obvious, and are adept at seeing problems from multiple angles.

Smart: In English, challenging texts and ideas are our business. XU English majors and minors graduate as dynamic, confident thinkers, prepared to take on even the most formidable projects.

Articulate: Among the most sought-after skills in every industry are communication skills. XU English majors and minors develop excellent writing and oral communication abilities.

Leave that espresso machine for someone else. Click here to view resources from XU's Career Development Office on career options for English majors and minors.