Our Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI) is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable campus where students, staff and faculty feel welcomed and respected. We seek to collaborate with various divisions and departments on campus to provide a comprehensive, university-wide approach to diversity, inclusivity, access and equity. Through strategic planning and programmatic development, we empower students, staff and faculty to build an inclusive campus community where everyone experiences a sense of belonging. Our diversity mission is fundamental to the overall mission and vision of the University.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Goals include:

· Creating and maintaining a welcoming, inclusive and equitable campus climate

· Recruiting underrepresented student groups and enhancing their retention/persistence

· Recruiting underrepresented faculty and staff and enhancing their retention/persistence

· Promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion scholarship and culturally responsive teaching

· Fostering a culture of community engagement by creating high-impact community partnerships

· Transforming the institutional culture by executing on our commitments to diversity and inclusion in all our endeavors and building a culture of accountability for advancing them

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI) provides university-wide leadership to support the development and success of institutional diversity initiatives that advance the broader objectives of Xavier University's Catholic, Jesuit mission and its long-range strategic plan.

The OIDI is under the leadership of Janice B. Walker, PhD, Assistant to the President and Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDIO); Tracey DuEst, M.Ed., Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Aleshia Zoogah, Administrative Assistant.

Supported by the President's Diversity and Inclusion Action and Advisory Council (PDIAAC), the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion offers resources to all members of the campus community seeking to implement strategic plans that advance institutional diversity goals. In addition, the OIDI works closely with the Center for Diversity & Inclusion and houses a number of educational resources for exploring the research foundations of and best practices for diversity in higher education, which can be accessed by appointment.

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Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion
1535 Musketeer Drive, McDonald Library
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