Data Science Honors Program

Xavier’s Data Science Honors program is an interdisciplinary effort of the Departments of Business Analytics and Information Systems, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Data scientists are trained to combine their skills in analytics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to transform sizable and convoluted data into understandable results that can be used to make intelligent decisions. In addition, data scientists are expected to use, distribute, and interpret data in an ethical fashion. Xavier’s program provides an integrative curriculum with interdisciplinary data science courses, technical skills, and a series of experiences that will challenge students to apply their knowledge in ways that serve the community and address issues in society.


The cohort-based honors program introduces the analytical and real-world needs of data science. It includes a heavy course load in computer science, mathematics, and statistics designed to introduce strong STEM students to the computational and analytical skills needed to build models and tools in data science; incorporates specific experiences using skills from those areas in applied projects that incorporate community-engaged learning; and includes intentional reflection on ethics and privacy in the use of these skills.