Xavier Department of Counseling

Clinical Practice


Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship

The Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board requires that a minimum of 600 clock hours of supervised clinical counseling experience in an on-site setting be completed as part of the student's Masters program. The Xavier program is designed to help students meet this requirement by offering COUN 671. This Counseling Internship is for 4 semester hours and requires a minimum of 600 clock hours of internship activities.

Of this 600-clock hour total, the following requirements must be met:

  • 240 of the 600 hours must be in direct service counseling activities with individuals and/or groups.
  • 200 of the 600 hours must involve supervised activities in the area of diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.
  • Face-to-face meetings with the on-site supervisor must occur at a minimum ratio of one clock hour for every 20-clock hours of intern activities.
  • Supervisors must possess a Professional Clinical Counseling (PCC) license. In addition, these individuals must also possess a "Supervising Counselor" designation approved by the Ohio Board.
  • Internships must be pre-approved by the Xavier University Counseling Program Clinical Coordinator and the Ohio Counselor Board.

While it is the student's responsibility to procure an appropriate internship placement, the clinical coordinator maintains a listing of possible internship sites for reference.

Community Supervisors

For more information regarding the clinical areas, please contact Dr. Norman Townsel at townseln@xavier.edu or call (513) 745-3267.