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Certificate in Medical Trauma-Informed Care

COVID. Cancer. Heart Attacks. Strokes. Childbirth complications. Those are only a few of the medical experiences that have the potential to be terrifying, disorienting, life-altering and traumatic. While the experience of medical trauma is far from being a new phenomenon, in today’s climate of heightened anxiety and isolation due to the Pandemic, it is more likely to be an issue of concern.

Whether you are a mental health professional, helping your clients heal from traumatic medical events/chronic illness, or a health care professional on the front lines of patient care, this training will empower you to meet the complex needs of people suffering the devastating effects of unrecognized and untreated medical trauma.

The Counseling Department of Xavier University offers this one-of-a-kind, Certificate in Medical Trauma – Informed Care, for those working in the health care and counseling industries. This certificate is 9 credit hours, can be completed in 1 year and is fully online. The Certificate in Medical Trauma – Informed Care, is exactly what you need to help others navigate stressful medical experiences.

Read on to learn more about the Certificate, including courses, program objectives and contact information. 

What You'll Learn

  • The meaning and effects of medical trauma
  • How to identify and assess those experiencing medical trauma
  • Tools to help you intervene and meet the needs of those experiencing medical trauma
  • How to identify risk factors prior to medical intervention, and mental health support systems

Benefits of Earning this Certificate

  • You will gain an in depth understanding of medical trauma in the age of COVID
  • These courses are taught by one of the world’s leading experts on medical trauma
  • This is the first and only training focused on identifying, preventing and treating medical trauma
  • You will gain critical skills to help individuals heal emotionally and psychologically from traumatic medical treatment and life-altering illnesses

Who Should Obtain this Certificate?

  • Health care professionals
  • Health Care Administration
  • Mental health professionals

Program Outline

This certificate is 9 credit hours, can be completed in two semesters and is fully online.

Introduction to Medical Trauma

3 credit hour, accelerated 7-week course beginning beginning each May

  • Gain a foundational understanding of medical trauma, including characteristics, physical and mental health effects, and factors contributing to the traumatic stress response in medical settings
  • Understand how medical trauma can impact health care providers, families and caregivers, including how vicarious traumatization can develop and maintain
  • Be able to identify risk and protective factors of patients in terms of experiencing medical trauma and articulate ways to prevent the development of further trauma responses in the medical setting
  • Explore assessment strategies for identifying the trauma response in the medical setting and in the context of mental health treatment

Applied Medical Trauma Studies

3 credit hour, accelerated 7-week course beginning each June

  • Identify which assessments and interventions would be appropriate to use in different settings and with various populations
  • Use assessment tools and trauma-responsive communication skills to learn strategies for prevention and intervention on behalf of patients, families, and staff
  • Explore evidenced-based interventions for the treatment of trauma, and how to work on interprofessional teams to support patient wellbeing

Capstone Project

3 credit hour, 15-week course beginning each August

  • Design and implement a project unique to your professional setting and interests, choosing
    a research, advocacy, clinical application or educational focus

Contact Information

For more information about the Certificate in Medical-Informed Trauma, contact:

Dr. Michelle Flaum, Professor
Department of Counseling