College of Nursing


A variety of clinical agencies and activities are utilized for practicum experience in the program. Through clinical activities and the guidance of their instructors, students learn to apply theory taught in the classroom to nursing care of individuals, families and communities.

BSN students will be in practicum placements from 6-12 hours per week depending on the semester. A variety of hospitals and community-based health care agencies will be utilized for practicum experiences. Xavier maintains agency agreements with a vast number of hospitals, medical facilities and community-based health care agencies in the Greater Cincinnati area, as well as Columbus and Cleveland with our ABSN program.

Students work alongside professional nurses, coordinate nursing plans using a managed care approach with professionals from other health care disciplines and learn to delegate according to state laws.

Students wear scrubs and lab coat uniforms when at the clinical site.

Nursing students incur expenses related to practicum experiences: uniforms and supplies, physical exam, immunizations, yearly TB tests, current CPR certification, health insurance coverage, standardized testing fees, lab fees and liability insurance through Xavier University. Students are also responsible for providing their own transportation to and from all practicum experiences.