Clinical Mental Health Counseling

With over 165,000 counselors in the United States assisting people with personal, family, mental health, social, educational, and career decisions, problems and concerns, counselors play a significant role in the lives of individuals and communities.


of standards met in accreditation review by the council on accreditation of counseling and related education programs

The Clinical Mental Health Program

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The degree program is designed to meet the educational requirements for licensure as a professional clinical counselor.

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Since a majority of students are employed, class and curricular offerings are scheduled in the late afternoon, evenings, and weekends to accommodate student schedules.

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Our clinical coordinator maintains an ongoing relationship with over 100 agencies and schools and will work collaboratively with you to create a successful internship experience.

Joshua Johnson: Mentoring Counselors, Saving Lives

Joshua Johnson, clinical director of the Addiction Services Council, learned that a plumber who had come to the council’s building near downtown Cincinnati on a repair job had once been one of their clients. He was not surprised that it had turned his life around.

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The Counseling Internship

The Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board requires that a minimum of 600 clock hours of supervised clinical counseling experience in an on-site setting be completed as part of the student's Masters program. The Xavier program is designed to help students meet this requirement by offering 4 semester hours of internship activities.

The following requirements will be met during your internship:

  • Direct service counseling activities with individuals and/or groups.
  • Supervised activities in the area of diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.
  • Face-to-face meetings with an on-site PCC licensed supervisor.


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