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Student Peer Career Coaches

The 2021-2022 Peer Career Coach team, from left to right: Eve Thorner, Nick Rakis, Riana Richards, Faith Krajna, and Lance Van Ostran.

Peer Career Coaches are a team of students who are trained to assist undergraduate students through the career development process - from creating and editing your resume or CV, crafting an engaging cover letter, and finding positions that suit your interests and goals. Peer Career Coaches can also help with interviewing and career fair preparation.

The Peer Career Coach team is the first point of contact during daily drop-in hours. Stay for 10 minutes or stay for an hour to get the assistance you need and a Peer Career Coach can help you through the process. If a Peer Career Coach needs assistance with your questions, they will help you schedule an appointment with a Career Coach.

If you are in a club or residence hall who would like a Career Development presentation, the Peer Career Coaches can help with that too! Just email with information about what you would like presented and they will craft a workshop to fit your needs.

Eve Thorner

Hi all, my name is Eve Thorner and I am a current junior at Xavier University. I am a double major studying Business Analytics and Marketing, and I am extremely excited to be working on the Peer Career Coach team this year! It’s so rewarding assisting with resume building and helping my fellow peers reach their career goals. I love helping others and am humbled by this opportunity to learn from you all, too! During my free time, I love to workout and hangout with my friends, and I also enjoy working as a Marketing Intern for the Rec Sports department on campus. If you ever see me around campus, please say hi!!

Fun fact: I have a Shiba Inu and love all animals, especially dogs!

Nick Rakis

Hello! My name is Nick Rakis and I am a sophomore from Kensington, Maryland. I am currently a business undecided major. Outside of the classroom, I am involved in the Xavier Club Tennis team and X-Change Program. I spend my free time hiking with my dog and hanging out with friends. My favorite part about being a Peer Career Coach is getting the opportunity to build relationships with my peers while also helping them achieve their career dreams. I believe that through professional engagement activities every student can find the perfect career path. I also look forward to working with my amazing coworkers.

Fun Fact: Last summer I took academic courses in the Xavier Expeditions Program. Part of these courses involved spending time exploring the National Parks of Wyoming for two weeks.

Riana Richards

Hello! My name is Riana Richards and I am a sophomore from Southfield, Michigan. I am a Psychology major and Biomedical Science minor. Outside of the classroom, I am a Smooth Transitions Mentor, Pre-Med Student Association member, and Childrens Charities club member. I am beyond excited to be working as a Peer Career Coach. Throughout my freshman year, I was able to improve my resume and cover letter with the help of the amazing Career Coaches. I applied for this position to offer the same assistance to my peers. I hope to help students achieve their career goals. I also serve as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion intern. In this role, I hope to increase engagement students of marginalized identities in the Career Development Office.

Fun Fact: I love roller skating and have my own pair of skates. They are black, blue, and green!

Faith Krajna

Hello! My name is Faith Krajna and I am a Sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a double major in Economics and PPP (Philosophy Politics and the Public). Outside of the classroom, I am working on my Podcast, Little Life Lessons, or catching up with friends. Being a Peer Career Coach I am able to create relationships with other students through professional development activities such as resume building and interview preparation, which is an amazing opportunity to have. Overall coming to the point that my steps can make a difference.

Fun Fact: I played ice hockey for eight years. I was positioned as a Right Wing and Defensive player.

Lance Van Ostran

Hi, my name is Lance Van Ostran and I am a Junior at Xavier University. I am currently in the ECOS program, which is short for Economics, Sustainability and Society. This year I will be participating in the Xavier Ultimate Frisbee team, as well as spending my free time with friends and streaming video games.
I’m excited to be a Peer Career Coach this year so as to give back to the school that’s helped me so much. In fact, a graduated senior who worked as a Peer Career Coach not only helped me create my resume and cover letter, but also encouraged me to look into the career ambassador position and eventually apply.

PS: If you would like to catch a stream or connect over video games my twitch is Come drop in!



Kayla Barillas

Kayla Barillas, Employer Relations Graduate Intern 

Hi there! My name is Kayla Barillas and I am currently a second-year Clinical Mental Health Counseling student. I am originally from Cleveland (West Park area) and am a first-generation, Salvadoran American student. I'm so excited to be part of the Employer Relations Team as a Graduate Intern! I have a passion for helping students transition to the different roles they will have both pre- and post-graduation. Some of the things I do in my role include connecting with employers interested in recruiting XU students, scheduling both virtual and on-campus events and interviews, and regularly using Handshake to help students and employers connect with each other. I would say that my favorite part of my role is connecting XU with both community and national employers! I especially enjoy getting to connect alumni back with the XU community! 

 Fun fact: I love anything to do with cats! I even have dress shoes with cat faces! If you ever see me around campus, feel free to say hello! 

Yvonne Hill

Yvonne Hill, Career Coaching Graduate Intern 

Hello! My name is Yvonne Hill. I am a Graduate Student pursuing my Master’s Degree in the School Counseling program. It is said that your career development is a lifelong process, and I am living proof! I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State over 30 years ago and enjoyed a wonderful professional career in Merchandising and Management. I have 3 young adult children who are in college or have graduated, so it is now my time to shine! My passion is helping young adults recognize their strengths and great potential then support and guide them along their vocational journey. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve my fellow Xavier students as you all travel your journey – I hope I can help you along the way!

Fun fact: I coach an international competitive jump rope team. We have produced numerous national and world champion athletes including my son! And, we have a 185 lb. English Mastiff named Charlie.