The Xavier Brand

Voice and Tone

Our words have a goal—to inspire and unify Musketeers past, present and future; faculty and staff; and anyone connected with Xavier University.

It’s vital that our communications are engaging and interesting. We want our audience to know they are important to Xavier’s ultimate success. So it’s equally vital for our voice to resonate with a shared sense of mission, purpose, confidence and consistency.

Our goal as the Office of Marketing and Communications is not to tell people what to write or say, but to provide the resources needed to frame the character and effectiveness of any communication that carries the Xavier brand identity. Any message should strive to be…


Our messages are real, genuine and conversational. When possible, use quotes and real people. Think of writing a letter, not a lecture. Any “institutional narrative” is filtered through the lens of our shared sense of mission and purpose as a Jesuit university.  


Ours is a hopeful message—a celebration of the unique talents that continue to build Xavier as a force for the greater good and a brighter future. Our stories are accurate, compelling and convincing.


We tell the story of diverse talents. We recognize and engage with the vast spectrum of perspectives from around the world that ensure the vitality of the Xavier community. Our communications support an intellectual environment where all members of our community are supported, engaged and respected.