Auxiliary Services

Musketeer Market Vending Store

The Musketeer Market located inside the HUB is open!

The Musketeer Market is an innovative high-tech self-service convenience "vending" store providing a new, fresh approach to food and beverage apart of Vending Services under the ConneX umbrella of services and departments.

The Musketeer Market provides fresh sandwiches, wraps, fruits, vegetables, salads, and more so the Xavier community can conveniently grab food and beverage on-the-go! Coupled with endless choices of snacks, ice cream, an extensive Pepsi and Starbucks cold beverage lineup, and innovative coffee choices, the Musketeer is a hot new destination for the campus.

Our proud partner, AVI Vending, believes innovative food and beverage is an integral part of the campus experience. Guests may shop at the Musketeer Market when the HUB is open, and the location accepts payments with the ease of a credit/debit card or X Cash on their All Card. To learn more about these self-service convenience "vending" stores, please visit AVI's video explaining the concept here.


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