Your All Card unlocks your student experience from ordinary to extraordinary.



Your ALL Card is your campus ID and houses information such as your student number, financial information, and other relevant identifying information. Your All Card is required to be with you at all times to assist our Safety and Security office and offer you easy access to university facilities, dining, library, sports center, bookstore, athletic and student activity events, et. al.



Your ALL Card is your key to access residence halls and buildings. Swipe your card and gain access to the buildings on campus. For Lost/Stolen cards, please deactivate your card and report it lost or stolen. Request door access.
As a value for using your all card, there are many discount programs available. Learn more about discount programs.



Your meal plan is associated with your All Card including the use of your BONUS Dining Dollars. Swipe your card at any on-campus eatery for quick and secure access to your pre-paid meal pass. Learn more about meal plans.



The All Card Center produces a variety of name tags or photo ID badges to meet your needs. Learn more about name tags and ID badges.


U.S. Bank ATM Card

Link your All Card with your U.S. Bank checking account, and you'll be able to use it at any ATM or to make PIN debit purchases. Learn more about linking.


X Cash

X Cash is a prepaid flexible spending account accessible with your ALL Card. Make convenient and secure purchases on or off campus without the inconvenience of carrying cash.
Laundry - All laundry on campus is completed by using your ALL Card. Learn More
Visitor Parking Passes - Must be purchased utilizing X Cash. Learn More
Vending - All vending machines on campus take X Cash! Learn More
Copy and Print - As a part of your student account, a print fund allotment of $80.00 is loaded at the beginning of each semester. Learn More