Department of Art



The primary objective of Xavier's department of art is the development of a deeply human person, one of integrity, wholeness and dedication, one equipped with values, knowledge and skills, related to the field of the arts certainly, but more importantly related to the whole experience of living. Our essential activity is the interaction of students and faculty in a one-on-one environment.

What differentiates our liberal arts program from a technique-centered one is a concern for the whole person -- body, mind, and spirit. The quality inherent in the Xavier art program is unthinkable without commitment to a strong core curriculum. Lacking in depth of knowledge and breadth of wisdom, the technique-limited artist might become an image maker with no message to convey.

Our emphasis on person, process and product, achieved in an ordered integration, enables the student to bring critical thinking and judgment to the exploration of contemporary issues. As artists gain self knowledge through their own creative discoveries, they grow in universal understanding of the world's peoples through these cultural expressions.

Sequential programs, built upon the understanding of both two and three- dimensional design, provide the basis for personal growth and visual competency. The breadth of the core curriculum opens channels of investigation into complementary disciplines which in turn widen our majors' vision and understanding.

Our mandatory Sophomore Portfolio screening process for formal acceptance into the department is a strong quality control policy. The maintenance of a 3.8 cumulative average in art for the privilege of having an Honor Solo Exhibition also contributes to this quest for excellence.

One of the most unique features of our program is that students in each of our studio courses are given a space in which he or she can work at all times. This opportunity creates an environment that is conducive to individual growth. The student is enabled to experience, and encouraged to assimilate, the life of a creative person.