Applied Health Sciences Minor

The Applied Health Sciences Minor offers students the ability to critically analyze scientific knowledge and examine career options in science-based, applied health professions.  Students consider a variety of approaches, perspectives, and factors contributing to healthy human development and functioning. Course work includes offerings from the natural sciences, social sciences, and professional disciplines, providing students with opportunities to consider and explore their pursuit of a professional degree, most likely as a graduate or second (post) baccalaureate degree, in applied health sciences. Students meet with the health science minor advisor to select and complete a desired curriculum path in the minor. (23 credit hours; many courses also fulfill core requirements)  Students are required to obtain a 2.5 cumulative overall GPA for coursework fulfilling the applied health sciences minor. 

23 total credit hours are required, as follows

Required Course

  • HESA 389 - Applied Health Sciences Seminar

Biology/Chemistry: 8 credits of the following

  • BIOL 140/141: Anatomy and Physiology I for Allied Health (lecture and lab)
  • BIOL 142/143: Anatomy and Physiology II for Allied Health (lecture and lab)
  • BIOL 144/145: Anatomy and Physiology for Social Sciences (lecture and lab)
  • BIOL 146/147: Anatomy and Physiology for Social Sciences (lecture and lab)
  • CHEM 150/151: Physiological Chemistry (lecture and lab)

Statistics: 3 credits of the following:

  • MATH 116: Elementary Statistics
  • MATH 156: General Statistics
  • PSYC 210: Statistical Techniques

Social Sciences: 3 credits of the following:

  • PSYC 101: General Psychology
  • SOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCW 167: Survey of Society

Health: 6 credits of the following:

  • HESA 110: Medical Terminology
  • EXSC 100: Introduction to Exercise Science
  • HESA 101: Introduction to American Health Care
  • NURS 130: Ways of Knowing
  • NURS 132: Health and Culture
  • PSYC 368: Health Psychology
  • SOCW 315: Values, Poverty and Society
  • SOCI 375: Sociology of Health
  • SPMG 110: Introduction to Sport Management
  • BIOL 204: Neuroscience
  • EXCS 200: Kinesiology