Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom Controls

Controls Control Description
Audio and video buttons Use the buttons on the lower left to mute your audio or start/stop your video feed.
Manage participants button Click Manage Participants to apply certain settings to all invitees. For example, you can easily mute everyone in the room if a one-way presentation is being given.
Share screen button Click Share Screen to show your screen to others in the meeting. You can choose to share a specific open window in an application, or your entire desktop.
Chat button Click Chat to open a chat window with meeting participants. You can choose to chat publicly with everyone or privately with an individual in the meeting.
Record button Use the Record button to record a meeting. An indicator will appear if recording is taking place.
Stop recording button Click the Stop Recording button when finished. The recording will be converted to an mp4 file when the meeting ends.
End meeting button To end the meeting, click on End Meeting in the lower right corner of the screen.