Department of Theology

Dr. C. Walker Gollar

Professor, Theology Department

Dr. Gollar is Professor of Church History, who specializes in American Catholicism and Black Theology. He holds a Ph.D. in historical theology from the University of Saint Michael's College, Toronto; an M.A. in theological studies from the University of Dayton; and a B.S. in psychology from Xavier University. He has published extensively in academic journals and historical publications, and speaks widely on topics relevant to both history and Catholicism. The summer of 2015 Franciscan media released Dr. Gollar's American and Catholic-Stories of the People Who Built the Church. Critics have acclaimed the book as "the definitive guide to American Catholic history." Also in the summer of 2015 Dr. Gollar completed three scholarly articles, an obituary essay published in the Catholic Historical Review on the life and contribution of Dr. Gollar's mentor, Benedictine monk Cyprian Davis; "The Underground Railroad in Cincinnati," an essay requested by historian Henry Louis Gates and published by Oxford University Press; and "Lessons Learned from the Sexual Misbehavior of An Early American Catholic Priest," published in American Catholic Studies. For nearly four years Dr. Gollar has chaired the Core Curriculum Committee which introduced a new undergraduate core curriculum in fall 2015. Dr. Gollar also contributed significantly to the renovation of Alter Hall, as is evidenced in the video available here



American Catholic history, African American religious history

First Year at Xavier




  • Ph.D. (University of Toronto)