Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders programs aim to help first and second year students enhance their leadership skills, make connections with other Xavier leaders, and engage in discussion about their involvement experiences.

Sophomore Leadership Challenge

Can you survive it? The Sophomore Leadership Challenge is a program for sophomore students to develop exemplary leadership practices.

Leadership Over Lunch

Join us for lunch! Leadership Over Lunch is a luncheon during Leadership Week where members of the Xavier community discuss their leadership and involvement outside of the Xavier community.

Leadership Week

Everyone is a leader. Packed with leadership programming and experiences, Leadership Week exposes all students to their leadership potential.

Student Leadership Assembly

Every year during the university-wide celebration know as All Honors Day, student leaders are recognized for their contributions and accomplishments during the Student Leadership Assembly. The Student Leadership Assembly includes numerous awards for student leaders active across campus.

Click here to see the award recipients from the 2017 Student Leadership Assembly.

Involvement Internships

2017-2018 Involvement Interns:

Megan Stewart

Rhandi Wallace

Talor Crawford

Alfredo Mercedes

Emma Jones


Leadership Staff

Molly Dugan

Meet Molly Dugan, Assistant Director of Student Involvement for  Orientation and Traditions.
Email Molly for more leadership opportunities.


Deb Ayoade

Meet Deb Ayoade, Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Leadership & Activities and the advisor to SAC. Email Deb for more information about leadership programs.

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