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Why Should I Join a Club? How Do I Choose The Right Club For Me? How Do I Get Involved?

It's more than just a club, it's an experience! Clubs provide programs and events for all students to immerse themselves in our campus. Joining a club is one of the easiest ways to enhance your own experience. This past year 3,111 Xavier students were involved in over 160 student organizations. In an annual survey of our first year and senior students, 76% reported spending time in a cocurricular activity, allowing them to engage with others in learning outside of the classroom

Starting a Club

About the Club Recognition Process, Club Activation Window, Getting Started, and Steps to Club Activation.

Interested in starting a new club? This can be a great way to create a new opportunity for yourself and others to meet and work together. Your first step in getting a new club recognized is with the Senate Club Relations Committee.


Getting Started and Navigating OrgSync. Information for Club Leaders: Managing Your OrgSync Portal.

OrgSync users can explore our 160+ clubs and organizations, connect with other members of an organization, check out upcoming campus events on their calendar, manage their own organizational involvement, contact club leaders and register for activities and events. Log on and explore what OrgSync has to offer.

Clubs & Organizations List

Search for Student Organizations.

Using our Search and Browse directory, you can view any of our currently active organizations on campus and find out more information about the organization as well as access contact information for the student leaders and advisors of each group.



Club Events

Club Days, The Muskies Student Organization Awards, Student Organization Leader Training.

Club events, such as Club Day, Week of Welcome, Winter Club Day, Winter Week of Welcome, The Muskies, and Student Organization Leader Training, incorporate all student clubs and organizations on campus in order to connect students to clubs, build teamwork and communication skills among club members, and recognize the outstanding achievements and talents of our student leaders.

Campus Events Calendar

Check out what's happening on campus.



Student Organization Privileges & Responsibilities

Privileges and Responsibilities of Club Leaders. Maintaining Your Club Activation (Mid Year & Year End Reports, OrgSync Club Profile Updates, Advisor Agreement Form, and SGA Budget Allocation Requests).

As a student organization affiliated with Xavier University, your actions, events and standards of operating should best reflect the mission of the university, the mission of your organization, and the values and traditions of a Jesuit institution. 

The Mission and Purpose of Xavier Student Organizations. Defining Organization Classifications and Organization Categories.

The Mission and Purpose of Xavier Student Organizations.


Student Leader Training, On-Campus Resources, and Organization Tools.

Club leaders and advisors can find resources to effectively manage their student organization including, student organization privileges and responsibilities, maintaining your club status, using OrgSync, important dates, club finances, available resources, manuals, and more.

Policies, Forms, & Reservations

Budget & Funding; Trip & Travel; Promotion; Events & Reservations; and Club Documents.

Find Xavier policies and forms related to club management and information about reserving space on campus.

Leader Manual


Club Finance

About Your Club Fund, Financial Forms, Funding Options, and Fundraising.

Your complete resource to student organization finance. If you're new to working with student organization finances or need the details for more complicated club financial questions, the Club Finance page is your one-stop-shop for all things club money. Helpful tutorials, how-to videos, and links to all financial forms can be found here.



Funding/Allocations Schedule, Funding Policies, SORF Hearing Process, and SORF Application & Documents.

The Student Organization Resource Fund (SORF) allocates supplemental funding to Clubs, University-Affiliated Organizations (UAOs) and SGA Subordinate Bodies from the Student Activity Fee. This funding is primarily provided to assist organizations with support in planning events, trip/travel costs and equipment. Funds are allocated by an appointed SORF board which is composed of students as well as faculty and staff members.

Ordering Instructions, Login Information, and Link to the Xavier Storefront.

Easily order your print jobs from FedEx Office using the Xavier clubs store front. FedEx offers Xavier clubs a discounted rate and free delivery to campus.

Advisor Resources

Advisor Manual, Advisor Checklist by Month, Advisor Workshop, Chaperoning, and Financial Resources.

Advisors play a critical role in the success of our clubs and organizations.  To better support our student organization advisors and the resources created for them, the Office of Student Involvement is currently developing new online resources as well as a new Advisor Manual.



Club Connections Newsletter

Current and Past Editions of Club Connections.

Monthly Newsletter for club leaders. Keep up-to-date with club happenings, requirements, important dates, policy, and more.



Office of Student Involvement Resource Staff

Meet Dustin Lewis, Associate Director in the Office of Student Involvement. Dustin is responsible for providing resources and support to clubs and organizations.