Stephen S. Smith Center

Smith Scholars Amenities

The Smith Scholars Program offers participation in a unique group of highly-motivated students and elite professors. The program is challenging but rewarding. Smith Scholars receive the following amenities:

Study Abroad

Study-abroad program offering Smith Scholars credit for multiple courses while experiencing the art and culture of a foreign city.

Financial-Center Trip

A financial-center trip to New York to meet with investment bankers, financial analysts, and market makers and to tour trading centers: The N.Y. Federal Reserve Bank, Bloomberg, and financial regulatory agencies. 

Smith Center Work-Study Opportunities

Opportunities to work in the Smith Center on the Center’s research and public outreach programs. The Smith Center supports scholarship and research that contributes to the intellectual capital on a breadth of interdisciplinary topics impacting society. The Center also host speaker forums, symposiums, and roundtable discussions, and a website that includes a web magazine and online resource center.

Honors Lounge

A restricted-access suite on the first floor of the Smith Hall provides Smith Scholars a place for quiet study, educational programs, and social gatherings. Smith Scholars also have access to the Honors Lounge in Alter Hall.

Honors Residences

As Honors students, reserved residence hall wings are available as an option for Smith Scholars students in their first year. 

Smith Scholars Advisory Council

Smith Scholars are elected by their peers to advise the Coordinator of the Smith Scholars Program. The council also plans social and educational events for Smith Scholars, including readings groups, film festivals, conferences, cookouts, and dinners. 

Priority Registration

Smith Scholars are advised by the Coordinator of the Smith Scholars. In addition, they are given priority each semester in selecting and scheduling their courses.