Risk Management

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the university activate XU ALERT ME?

XU ALERT ME will be activated when the University determines a serious threat exists and the campus community must take immediate action to remain safe and secure. The system will also be used to announce an unscheduled university closing or cancellation of classes due to severe weather.

How does XU ALERT ME work?

Text messages are sent immediately to the mobile number you registered. An e-mail is also sent immediately to your e-mail address of preference. XU ALERT ME will make up to three attempts to call each phone number in your voice only call distribution list. The first attempt will be completed in less than 5 minutes. This means that some phones will receive the message almost immediately after the message is sent while other phones will not receive the message for several minutes. For those phones numbers not reached because of a busy signal or no answer, the system will attempt to reach those phone numbers up to two more times. Once a call is answered by a human or voice message, the system will not attempt to reach that phone number again. Text and e-mail messages will only be sent once.

How will I know the call is an XU ALERT ME?

The University records a text, e-mail and voice message to be sent out to the distribution list. All messages sent out by this system will come from caller XU ALERT ME. In order to see "XU ALERT ME" on your caller ID for text messages, you must program in short codes 67283 and 226787 as "XU ALERT ME." Otherwise, 67283 or 226787 will be the number displayed when an alert is sent.

Will Xavier test the notification system?

The University will test the system at least once a semester. We will make every effort to notify the campus community via the Xavier portal in advance of tests.

How will I know the difference between a test message and a real emergency message?

If the message is a test of the system, it will be delivered as "This is a test of XU ALERT ME. This is only a test."

Is there a fee to subscribe to XU ALERT ME?

There is no cost to sign up for this notification system. Whenever the system sends a message to you , you are responsible for any charges from your service provider associated with receiving text, e-mail or voice messages.

How is my contact information updated for XU ALERT ME?

You are responsible for updating and making sure that your contact information is current and accurate at all times. You can update your contact information any time via the XU Alert Me system.

Will my contact information be shared with anyone outside the University?

The contact information that you enter will only be provided to RAVE for the purpose of notifying you in the event of an emergency.

How do I signup for XU ALERT ME?

The signup process is free and easy. Click here for instructions.