School of Psychology

Undergraduate Minor

A minor in psychology is earned by completing 18 semester hours of psychology courses, including 12 required hours and six hours of psychology electives.  The minor in psychology is based on the American Psychological Association standards that recommend students in psychology have competency in four areas: biological bases of behavior, cognitive/affective basis of behavior, social basis of behavior, and individual behavior.

Minor Requirements:

PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 220 Psychological Research*

PSYC 261 Social Psychology

PSYC 231 Developmental Psychology OR PSYC 277 Psychological Disorders

2 x PSYC Electives (200-level or higher)

 *PSYC 220 requires a statistics course as a pre-requisite. Accepted pre-reqs include: MATH 116, MATH 146, MATH 156, or BAIS 210.


Students interested in adding the PSYC Minor to their degree plan should contact:

Mack Maynard, Director of Academic Programs