Psychological Services Center


Message from the Director:

I am pleased to welcome you to the home page of the Psychological Service Center of Xavier University.

Since 1962 the psychologists and staff of the PSC have been providing care for the psychological needs of the Xavier community's students, faculty and staff.

Over the years, PSC staff members have also offered a range of psychological services to the Greater Cincinnati community. We are committed to providing culturally competent care to diverse individuals.

The PSC is a department within the Division of Student Affairs and consequently, has a mission to develop a sense of the whole person's body, mind, and spirit.

We provide treatment which emphasizes an integrative approach and attempts to help individuals improve their quality of life.

The psychologists at the PSC are faculty members in the School of Psychology who have specialties primarily in clinical but also in industrial/organizational psychology.

We also have psychology trainees from the School of Psychology working in our Center.

These individuals are completing their doctoral training in clinical psychology and work under the direct supervision of our clinical psychologists.

Our administrative assistant can be helpful in answering many of the questions you may have regarding our services.

Many individuals seek our services because they feel depressed, are having problems with roommates/significant others/spouses, are struggling academically due to feelings of anxiety or stress, are having family problems, or are having eating problems.

If you think that you or a friend could benefit from services for these kinds of problems or other related issues, please call to schedule an appointment and/or get further information at (513) 745-3531.

We will attempt to provide the help that you need or we will refer you to the appropriate provider.

Nicholas L. Salsman, Ph.D., ABPP