Policy Library


The Xavier policy library is the repository for all officially approved University level policies. These policies are intended to support a safe, respectful, and ethical living, learning and work environment in compliance with the University's mission and values and applicable state, local, and federal law. All Xavier University faculty, staff and students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the University's policies.

A University level policy is one that affects or applies to the personnel or operations of more than one operating group or department. The policies on this web site are the official version of these policies at Xavier University. To the extent that different versions of these policies may appear elsewhere, the version set forth here is the official version and takes priority over any inconsistent or conflicting version appearing elsewhere.

To find policies by area of operation, click on the applicable policy category on the policy library home page. Some policies may be listed in multiple categories, and all can be searched by keyword using the Policy Search Function. In addition, polices are listed alphabetically on the A-Z Policy Index link on the webpage navigation bar. Each policy may have a link or links to related policies, forms, procedures, web sites, or other information relevant to the policy and its application. Questions about individual policies should be directed to the Responsible University Office listed on each policy.

Colleges and Departments may host departmental policies and procedures on their own webpages. Any copies (print or online) of policies and procedures that are inconsistent with the official version hosted on these sites should be disregarded.

The comprehensive review and development of University policies is a long term project. This web site and the University Policy Initiative are a work in progress. The goals of the Policy Initiative are to:

  • standardize policy format.
  • eliminate redundancies.
  • improve internal control and governance.
  • improve organization, accessibility, search, and navigation.
  • clarify processes for submitting new policies and revising existing policies.

The Policy Owner Resources linked on the webpage navigation bar includes the University's Policy Development Manual. The Manual outlines the process that is followed when creating or revising a University level policy. Policy owners and writers should follow the processes and guidelines that are outlined in the Manual. For answers to frequently asked Policy Development and Review questions, please refer to the Policy FAQs. If you have additional questions, please send an e-mail to the Internal Audit Manager at obrienk8@xavier.edu, or telephone 513-745-2013.