Department of Physics


" The strongest correlation for well-being emerged from a series of questions delving into whether graduates felt emotionally supported at school by a professor or mentor. Those who did were three times as likely to report they thrived as adults." 1

We are not a large department at a research university or a school of engineering, and that's a good thing.  Because our students are our only mission! And our size is ideal for a supportive community that is both focused and flexible.

1Based on a Gallup survey as reported in the Wall Street Journal online article "Elite Colleges Don't Buy Happiness for Graduates" by Douglas Belkin.

Department News

Congratulations to Joe Lanier (left) and Dr. Jonathan Morris (right) for being highlighted in the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) news and making the front of the ORNL website.  Photo copyright ORNL/GenevieveMartin.