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Mass of the Holy Spirit

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View videos of faculty and staff members sharing aspects of Xavier’s mission that they are celebrating this year:

Spirit Celebration 2020 Faculty and Staff Members Compilation

Julie Kugler-Ackley

Sr. Teaching Professor, Montessori Education

Dr. Chris Anderson,

Associate Professor, History

Dr. Rashmi Assudani

Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Jamie Baxter

Director, Counseling Services

Jillian Dolciato

Assistant Director, Recreational Sports

Dr. Leah Dunn

Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

McKinley Estime

Hall Director, Residence Life

Karla Helton

Assistant Director, Students Success and Academic Advising

Dr. Marcus Mescher
Associate Professor, Theology

Dr. Debra Mooney

Vice President, Mission and Identity

Dr. Megan Nieto

Teaching Professor, English

Rosemary Quaranta

Principal, Montessori Lab School

Dr. Linda Schoenstedt

Professor, Sports Studies

Dr. Tom Strunk

Associate Professor, Classics

Julie Taylor

Executive Assistant, Financial Administration

Angela Wyss

Director, Student Athlete Academic Support Services

Dr. Teresa Young

Associate Professor, Education


History:  In keeping with a long tradition dating from the founding of the great European universities in the 16th century, Catholic high schools and universities celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit to mark the beginning of the academic year. In fact, within Jesuit circles the practice dates to the first Jesuit school in Messina, Sicily in 1548. It has been celebrated at Xavier since 1840 - when Fr. John Elet, S.J., the first president, presided - relatively recently as "Spirit Celebration" along with a festive communal gathering.


CLICK HERE to read the homily from the Spirit Celebration 2019 offered by Xavier's President, Michael Graham, S.J.

CLICK HERE to see and hear John Larocca, S.J. consider the relationship between the Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Jesuit mission