Mission and Identity Programs

Discernment Group III

Conway Institute Advisory Group


From February 2007 through May 2009, Discernment Group I undertook the task of shaping "a new division whose purpose will be to advance our Jesuit, Catholic mission among the faculty, staff and administration of Xavier University so as to maximize the fulfillment of our mission in the place where it matters most: in the hearts, in the minds, in the actions-in the very spirits-of our students." To the members of the DGI, this was an opportunity to promote a plan that would create a culture in which everyone at Xavier would come to understand and contribute to the core mission in ways that are authentic, innovative, and intentional.

One of the recommendations was to create a council that would further the mission through a similar discernment experience. The creation of Discernment Group III, an advisory board for the Conway Institute for Jesuit Education, would help achieve the vision of mission building within the academic realm through the coalescing of faculty with a diverse set of skills and life experiences, both personal and professional.


- build upon and extend the work of Discernment Group I, specifically as it relates to the shaping of the Conway Institute.
- further "Deepen our commitment to our Jesuit Catholic mission, identity, vision, and values in everything we do and enhance our leadership in mission and identity work across the Jesuit network."
- provide faculty an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Xavier's Ignatian heritage.
- develop formal and informal relationships to benefit the working of the University.


David Burns, Williams College of Business
Ginger McKenzie, College of Professional Sciences

Margo Heydt, College of Professional Sciences
David Mengel, College of Arts and Sciences
Amy Frohlich, College of Arts and Sciences
Adekunle Okunoye, Williams College of Business
Christian End, College of Professional Sciences
Kelly Phelps, College of Arts and Sciences
Sandy Richtermeyer, Williams College of Business


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