Master of Education in Reading

Reading Program Frequently Asked Questions


Can I complete this endorsement in a year?
Yes, this program can be completed by taking courses in the fall, spring, and summer.

How many credit hours are needed for the endorsement?

Do any of my undergraduate courses count towards the endorsement?
Only six hours of undergraduate course work in reading may be applied to the Reading Endorsement.

If I decide to pursue my Master’s degree along with the Reading Endorsement, will the six undergraduate hours be counted toward my graduate degree?
No, only graduate credit hours may be applied to the M.Ed. You need 30 graduate hours for an M.Ed.

Will my undergraduate field hours in the required reading courses count toward the field hours necessary for the endorsement?

Yes, however, you will need additional hours since the State of Ohio requires 50 hours of documented field experiences specifically related to the teaching of reading.

Where do I complete the field hours?

Placements may occur in your school district, or they may be arranged through your course professor who will contact the field coordinator.

I think I took a phonics course as an undergraduate. Will it count towards the endorsement?

As long as the word “phonics” is in the course title, yes.

I heard there is an Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) related to the Reading Endorsement?

You will take the OAE Reading (Subtest I)/038 and OAE Reading (Subtest II)/039.