Master of Education in Montessori Education

Early Childhood Licensure

and Montessori Credential

Curriculum includes the American Montessori Society Early Childhood Credential (Ages 2 1/2 to 6), a Master of Education degree and Ohio Pre-Kindergarten and K-5 State of Ohio Teacher Licensure **

AMS EC Credential, MEd and PK-5 State Licensure Curriculum
Course Name Credit Hours
Total Credit Hours 54
EDFD 500 History and Philosophy of American Education ** 3
EDFD 505 Organization of Education Systems in the United States ** 3
EDFD 507 Educational Research ** 2
EDFD 508 Educational Research Paper** 1
EDME 551 Montessori Education: Philosophical Approach 3
EDME 563 Early Cognitive Development 3
EDME 564 Early Childhood/Montessori Methods 3
EDME 577 Early Childhood/Math and Science 3
EDME 566 Montessori Curriculum Design and Teaching Strategies I 3
EDME 567 Montessori Curriculum Design and Teaching Strategies II 3
EDME 673 Montessori Early Child Practicum I 3
EDME 674 Montessori Early Child Practicum II 3
EDME 550 Methods of Observation 3
EDME 559 Community and Advocacy in Education 3
EDRE 512 Reading Methods for Early Childhood ** 3
EDME 576 Phonics skills for Early Childhood 3
EDME 554 Montessori Language Arts and Reading 3
EDSP 505 Foundations in Early Childhood Special Education 3
EDRE 478 Diagnosis/Correction of Reading Disabilities 3

EDFD 508:The research paper should be completed in the area of early childhood education and an approved copy of the completed paper submitted to the director of the program for the departmental library.

Students wishing Ohio licensure for Pre-Kindergarten and K-5 must meet general education background requirements. An additional reading course must be taken during the first year of teaching.

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