Graduate Programs in Elementary Education

TESOL Program Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I complete this endorsement in a year?

A: Yes, this program can be completed by taking courses in the fall, spring, and summer.

Q: How many credit hours for the endorsement?

A: 18

Q: Do any of my undergraduate courses count towards the endorsement?

A: Yes, the TESOL Endorsement courses can be taken at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Q: If I decide to pursue my Master’s degree along with the TESOL Endorsement, will any undergraduate hours be counted toward my graduate degree?

A: No, only graduate credit hours may be applied to the M.Ed. You need 30 graduate hours for an M.Ed.

Q: Will my undergraduate field hours in the required TESOL courses count toward the field hours necessary for the endorsement?

A: Yes, the State of Ohio requires 50 hours of documented field experiences specifically related to the teaching of English Learners.

Q: Where do I complete the field hours?

A: Placements may occur in your school district, or they may be arranged through your course professor who will contact the field coordinator.

Q: I think I took a phonics course as an undergraduate. Will it count towards the endorsement?

A: As long as the word “phonics” is in the course title, yes.

Q: I heard there is an Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) related to the TESOL Endorsement?

A: You will take the OAE English to Speakers of Other Languages exam /021.