The Courses

Course Highlights

Organizational Management (MGMT200)

This is a survey course introducing students to the principles of managerial behavior, human resource management, and strategic management. Required of all business students and non-business student management minor.

Business & Professional Communication (MGMT201)

This course is intended to help students communicate effectively in business and professional settings. The course covers the essentials of effective written, oral and digital business communication. Required of all business students.

Change Management (MGMT309)

Theory and design of organizational systems, organizational performance, culture, training and development, and change processes; the course also includes a focus on performance appraisal. Required course for major.

Negotiation & Conflict Management (MGMT312)

Examination of the theory and practice of negotiation and conflict management in business and other organizational settings. The course utilizes simulations and cases to develop negotiation skills, with an emphasis on distributive and integrative techniques, and an understanding of the negotiation process and strategies.

Leadership (MGMT314)

An analysis of various theories and approaches to leadership emphasizing team building and situational leadership. The course includes skill development, experiential activities, theoretical constructs, and guest speakers who are leaders in a variety of settings.

Managing For Sustainability (MGMT322)

This course provides an overview of the issues faced by business managers related to the topic of Triple Bottom Line Sustainability: economic vitality, environmental stewardship, and corporate social responsibility.

International Management (MGMT325)

The purpose of this course is to create a framework for understanding the competitive positioning of organizations, human resources, and cultural issues related to international management.

Project Management (MGMT385)

The purpose of this course is to prepare students to plan, organize, lead, participate in, control, and improve projects. Required course for major.

Management Capstone (MGMT495)

This course creates a process that enables students to develop the ability to integrate business functions. Students learn and design strategies for sustainable competitive advantage for all types of organizations in various stages of growth in domestic and foreign markets. Required course for major.