Management is the study of the effective organization, planning, direction, control, integration and evaluation of key functions for a business or industry. These functions include personnel, sales and product management, project management, supply chain management and international management.

By studying management, you will:

  • Learn about managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial roles in organizations.
  • Examine current and applicable theory and techniques concerning these roles.
  • Apply sound philosophical principles to the wide range of problems encountered in business and society.
  • Get training to develop an integrated managerial skill set.
  • Study how to approach business problems in an ethical, socially responsible manner.

Our faculty is active in research and have published in the following journals:

  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Business Communications Quarterly
  • Business Horizons
  • Business and Society
  • IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Journal of Business Research
  • Journal of Knowledge Management
  • Journal of Management Education
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Journal of Small Business Management
  • Journal of Small Business Strategy
  • Oxford University Press
  • Strategic Management Journal
  • Thunderbird International Business Review