Nothing is more basic to human life and human societies than food. Yet for more than half a century we have been battling the effects of our agricultural system that creates both obesity and malnutrition, both increasing dependency on large-scale food production and processing alongside significant unemployment and underemployment. 10,000 years ago agriculture shaped human civilization in profound ways. Now, thousands of years later humanity is at a crossroads in terms of rethinking the practices we have inherited. Graduates of the Land, Farming and Community (LAND) degree will be part of the exciting diverse community of people (politicians, farmers, educators and health care workers) who are changing human societies through the very foundation of our existence, food.

Agriculture is an essential human activity that requires broad education and practical experience. Through a combination of classroom-based and experiential on-site learning, students gain an appreciation of the science and art of agriculture. For example, graduates of the LAND degree will be equipped to facilitate alternative, smaller-scale, diversified agricultural practices and policies or to educate about the holistic nature of food and food production or to provide innovative solutions to contemporary food distribution patterns that leave many without access to any fresh, nutritious food. Xavier's LAND degree offers students the opportunity to become stewards of healthy, productive soil, communities and regions.

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