Land, Farming, and Community Program

Careers and Internships

According to projections by the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be a 5.9% increase in jobs from 2008 to 2018 for positions as Farm, Ranch, and Other Agricultural Managers in the United States. These include increases of 2.8 percent in Ohio and 8.7% in Indiana. Employees in this field had a median annual income of $60,750 in 2010, well above the national median annual income of $33,840.

Potential career paths that may be pursued with a LAND degree include:

  • Agricultural engineer
  • Botanist
  • Crop consultant
  • Farm manager
  • Food policy
  • Irrigation specialist
  • Rancher
  • Vegetable Farmer

Learn more about Green Jobs in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.


Hugh Schmelzer, LAND major 2019

“There is a chain between many of the classes in the major; they all link together. In the business classes, for example, you learn about marketing and accounting and then in the capstone class, we apply what we learned in a variety of disciplines to a particular project. So I have a diverse and complex understanding of a variety of systems.

Short-term, I am working for Solar Is Freedom as a sales consultant and installer starting Monday after graduation. Long-term, I hope to stay in the renewable energy field. For sustainability, we need to address energy supply quickly. A lot of what is discussed at the upper level of the sustainability degrees has to do with the overconsumption of fossil fuels and the underproduction of green energy. What you learn in LAND, you can apply it anywhere in the fields of sustainability if you so choose.

Gabrielle Ragusa--Ohio Valley Food Connection

My work with Ohio Valley Food Connection has been incredibly rewarding and has connected me intensely to Cincinnati's local food community.

In addition to getting to know local farmers and aquaponics companies, I have also gotten to meet passionate chefs and restaurateurs whose dedication to local, wholesome food is both admirable and inspiring.

Working with this company has increased my organization skills, allowed me to travel regularly, get physically involved in the delivery and pick up and introduced me to some incredible food!

My hope is that whoever assumes my position with this company is organized, flexible and dedicated, and willing to be in regular communication with Alice. Interning with Ohio Valley Food Connection is very rewarding, and I wouldn't be giving it up if I didn't have to!

LAND Major Jobs

  The LAND (Land, Farming and Community) degree prepares students to become creators and custodians of a resilience economy, one that is small and self-sufficient enough in scale to optimally promote human and ecological welfare at once.

More information on the types of careers available to our graduates. 

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