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Determining Unusual Risks



The following examples are provided solely to help you determine whether your particular Experience involves unusual risks or tends to be more risky than everyday on-campus activities, which would mean that a waiver is needed prior to participating in the Experience.


Waivers are likely needed if your Experience involves (for example):

  1. Activities where injuries may easily occur including, but not limited to, rock climbing, repelling, skiing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and dodge ball
  2. A high ropes course
  3. Performing services that include climbing on ladders or scaffolding, or being on top of a roof
  4. A student organization hosting a mud wrestling competition
  5. Participating on a sports team that involves traveling to other schools and competing against students from other schools


Waivers are probably not needed if your Experience involves:

  1. An R.A. and a group of students going out to dinner in Cincinnati
  2. Xavier University students taking buses to the Labor Day Fireworks
  3. A flag or touch football game between Xavier students, on the Xavier campus
  4. Going to Kings Island for the day
  5. Hosting a college bowl competition on campus for Xavier and Non-Xavier students
  6. A weekend retreat to Higher Ground
  7. On-campus carnival- or festival-type games, rides and activities


These are only examples to help you to make a judgment about your own Experience. Please read the rest of the information contained herein for additional guidance.

Please remember that members of clubs, club sports teams, groups and academic classes may sign the appropriate form to cover all of that group's activities for an entire academic year (i.e., the "On-Going Experience" waiver).