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Request a Certificate of Insurance

Whenever the university is involved with a third party or an event that increases the university's exposure to a loss or an accident, we request a Certificate of Insurance from that party. This includes any organization hosting a non-university event or program on campus. Xavier University should be named as additional insured especially if there appears to be significant risk or the duration of the agreement is for an extended period of time.

Prior to the event, please forward the Certificate of Insurance to the Risk Management and Insurance office. The Certificate should show the identified coverage(s), with these standard limits.

Suggested limits

  • Commercial General Liability - $1,000,000 each occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate
  • Auto Liability (including hired and non-owned) - $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit
  • Workers Compensation - Statutory Limits
  • Other coverages, as appropriate to the situation
  • The nature of the event or agreement may allow for other acceptable limits or may require an increase in limits

Please keep in mind that it is virtually impossible to provide a sample certificate that addresses every variation in various agreements. Each certificate must be evaluated on the specific requirements of the contract to which it applies.

If the third party does not carry liability insurance, the user can satisfy this requirement by purchasing a general liability policy from their personal insurance carrier, or contact Risk Management and Insurance for suggestions or assistance in securing coverage.

Prior to signing an agreement or contract, please contact Risk Management and Insurance at (513) 745-2090 or email the Risk Management & Insurance office at for assistance with insurance requirements. Asking questions before signing puts Xavier in a better position to protect the best interests of the university while fulfilling the conditions of the agreement.