Office of Institutional Research

Interactive University Factbook

The University Factbook contains historical information about the University Enrollment, Completions and Academics. The figures found here are always based on Official Census Dates.

The Office of Institutional Research strives to ensure that access to information to the Xavier community, government agencies and other organizations, and prospective students and their families is provided in a format that is accessible to all. If you are unable to access the data and require an alternative format or have questions/comments, please contact Institutional Research at

University Enrollment
Learn more about the demographics and characteristics of the students enrolled at Xavier. Enrollment numbers are presented for the fall semester. For spring and summer enrollment, see the census enrollment statistics under institutional data.

Undergraduate Student Mobility
Learn more about where Xavier undergraduate students begin their studies and where they end up as they depart. Program information is based on department (note: more than one academic program may lie under the same department).

Degrees and Completion
Learn more about the number and types of awards conferred at Xavier, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. University completions information is based on IPEDS reporting to the Department of Education.

Undergraduate Admissions 
View historical data for the number of applicants, admitted, and enrolled students beginning in the fall semester. An academic profile for new first-time and transfer students is included.

Tuition and Fees
View the historical tuition and fee charges for undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduate charges are based on full-time enrollment and graduate charges are program specific.

Faculty and Staff
Learn more about the faculty and staff demographics and trends. Employee counts are taken as of November 1 per the Department of Education's guidelines for reporting to IPEDS. Temporary, casual, and student workers are excluded from the counts.

Retention and Graduation Rates
Learn more about the retention and graduation rates for Xavier's first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students that begin their studies in the fall.

Career Outcomes
Learn more about the first destination of recent Xavier graduates from the past four undergraduate graduating classes.  Find median salary, top employers, top graduate schools, and more.  All information is within six months of graduation.