Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Heart to Heart Conversations

Heart to Heart Conversations: A Space for Connecting and Sharing Stories

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI) hosts the Heart to Heart sessions for faculty and staff, where participants can share their stories and perspectives.  Heart-to-Heart Conversations create inclusive and brave spaces where employees are encouraged to engage in conversations about diversity & inclusion to create a more profound sense of belonging. These dialogues will provide opportunities to understand each other better, increase employee engagement, and build more effective teams. While diversity and inclusion can mean different things to different people across different cultures, the importance of belonging is universal. Cultivating an environment where all employees feel like they belong is a goal that everyone can embrace.

In recent Heart to Heart Conversations participants engaged in deep conversations about critical social justice issues in the current national news.  We continue to learn about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the lives of our students, staff, and faculty. Some disparities and inequities among populations are glaring, and many of the challenges that people face are daunting.