Health Services Administration Undergraduate Program

Health Services Administration Requirements

Students sitting at a desk listening to a lectureMajor in Health Services Administration

Undergraduate Program Requirements

64 hours, including:

  • 34 credit hours in health services (includes 3 credit hour internship)
  • 9 credit hours in one of these concentrations: information systems or long-term care
  • 21 credit hours in business minor

Internship Requirement

Health Services Administration majors are required to complete a 400-hour internship as part of their major curriculum.  This is typically completed the summer between junior and senior year.  Internships can vary in terms of their focus, as health services administration is a broad field.  However, they must include some kind of project the student completes that relates to health services administration.  Students work with the program director to ensure that they find an internship, and that they are engaged in appropriate and beneficial activities.  Students will learn more about the internship requirement when they take HESA 370: Internship Preparation at the start of their junior year. 

Important Note: 

Students register for the three credit hour HESA 371: Internship I course during the summer they complete their internship.  This requires students to pay tuition for this class during the summer semester.  See the Tuition and Fees section of Xavier’s website for current tuition rates.

Core Curriculum

The foundation of Xavier's success is its commitment to its Jesuit heritage. The Core Curriculum endeavors to realize and embody Xavier's mission and philosophy of education and serves as a valuable foundation for all undergraduate students. Within the Core, the four-course Ethics/Religion and Society (E/RS) Focus fosters students' understanding of socially significant issues from the perspectives of the humanities, especially literature, philosophy and theology, as well as from the perspectives of the social and natural sciences.

Along with courses in their major, Xavier students also take 51 hours of core courses (along with 5 general elective hours) in:

  • Cultural diversity
  • English
  • Ethics, Religion, and Society
  • Fine arts
  • second language
  • History
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Oral Communications
  • Philosophy
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social science
  • Theology
  • Writing