Health Advising


To be eligible for dual admission:

  • You must be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents.
  • You may not have already earned a four-year undergraduate degree.
  • Typical Numbers:
    • SAT (Math + Critical Reasoning) = 1170 or ACT Composite Score = 26
    • High School Un-Weighted GPA = 3.5
    • (Interested students who do not meet both GPA and standardized test score criteria, but have exceeded one of these criteria, are encouraged to contact the Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising for more detailed consideration.)

Are Advanced Placement credits accepted?

Xavier University accepts Advanced Placement (AP) credits to fulfill the minimum degree requirements; however, LECOM will only accept AP credits for English and Behavioral Science courses and only if the student scores a four (4) or five (5) on the AP exam. In order to maintain a full course load, a replacement course applicable to the field of medicine or a course of similar academic rigor, must be taken at XAVIER University.

Can I apply to the program after I start college?

Xavier University students may apply to enroll in the EAP. They must notify the Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising and complete the LECOM on-line EAP application before starting their third year of study at Xavier.

All transfer students interested in the EAP must be accepted for participation in the EAP by both LECOM and Xavier University prior to starting their third year of undergraduate education and must receive their bachelor's degree by the last day of June of the year of LECOM matriculation.


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